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Organizing an event can be frustrating and time consuming as there are a lot of work to be done, from event website, speakers and partners management, registration and ticketing, recording and streaming videos to making reports.

Eventsider makes it easy for you to manage all these complex tasks in one place.

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Everything you need to host an event

To make every event stakeholder happy, you need tools to connect them

Event website builder

Create beautiful on-brand event website that sell your event tickets or register your attendees.
With our easy-to-use tool, you can use your creative to customize content

Customize your event website’s colors, fonts, content, and more

Create professional event website that express your event brand without coding. Easily change colors, fonts, text, images and add/remove content sections. Control who can edit your event website by setting account role. Publish the website using your custom domain name to make your brand shine.

Easily edit website with customizable blocks

Create website fsater with costomizable blocks
• Agenda
• Speakers
• Exhibitors
• Sponsors
• Testimonial
• Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
• more!

Responsive layout for mobile and desktop screens

Drag and drop elements to build your custom event website. No coding skills required! Provide your audience with an up to date event details on a one single platform - that literally fits any screen.

Sell tickets and provide attendee registration

Capture revenue and increase more attendees by utilizing an intuitive ticketing and registration page for both online and on-site.

Track website traffic in real-time

Display website page traffic in realtime in order to see how your marketing efforts are affecting your website and your sales right now.

Event Content management

Our event content management is easy to create and manage your event assets. You’ll be able to
invite speakers, moderators, exhibitors, and sponsors to co-create the event content and pre-
approved data before publishing.

Live-edit your event website by adding content and sharing it

Make sure your event content is always up-to-date by editing, saving and sharing
your best version from related parties. From text, pictures, to themes and videos.

Invite speakers and moderators to co-create event agenda

Organize speakers and moderators in groups by inviting them to the platform.
In addition, they can co-create the agenda content on the platform to you can review and approve it.

Let sponsors & exhibitors fill up their detail

Set up permission and invite sponsors and exhibitors to add their marketing materials
to communicate with your event attendees. From logos, images, descriptions,
to brochures, videos and presentation.

Increase Team Productivity

The back-and-forth is sapping your productivity. Let’s imagine what you have to do when you try to gather all the content if you’ve planned to have more than 50 Agendas in your event. Our system helps you easily create an email loop among speakers and moderators in each agenda to let them discuss their agenda detail and co-create the content on the platform. All you have to do is just review their content and then approve.

Reach The Right Target

Eventsider is search engine optimized to ensure your event page ranks well in search engines and attracts relevant traffic. We also provide analytics tools to help you monitor your event from the start of sales until sold out.


Power your event experience with integrations

Ranges of features from ticketing and registration to in-event engagement.

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